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FIVE STAR review for THE ROT

5.0 out of 5 stars This is the book to readOctober 1, 2011
J. P. Wilson (Americus, GA USA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Rot (Kindle Edition)
The Rot is a fine collection of short stories that showcases this author's originality and skill. "The Rot," a short I can't really discuss without giving away a good bit of the plot--I will say expect to be horrified--is a fun and fast rollercoaster read, and fans of the horror, thriller, and crime genres can expect to enjoy it.

The prose in the next story, "i," is really rich, and the story is almost poetic as it unravels, the tale of love lost and regained, only to be lost again. It delves into the human psyche, and I think it would be hard for someone to not connect with this piece. And though it is sad, and gloomy, like something Edgar Allen Poe would create, there is a great optimism about it in the end that leaves you with a sense that there is hope.

"Die Already" is another short in this collection that is really great. This one is about a man with a horrible curse. When he curses a loved one, he tries to figure out how to unravel the horror he has cast upon her. This one is very original and worth reading to get a sense of the style this author possesses.

"Closing My Eyes Helps me to See Clearly" is the final tale in this collection, and it shows off another wonderful, bizarre plot from this author. Nothing is as it seems in this piece.

I believe that The Rot is a great book that shows a promising new talent in the field of horror. I think everyone should give it a chance and judge these tales. I am a fan of Kipp Poe and can't wait to see his next offering. 

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