Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poe, Ghosts, Horror and the Unknown for Hunger Relief

A community coming together for a common goal. A different type of fundraiser that is Business Driven where everyone who participates benefits. A fun event where the theme is Poe, Ghosts, Horror and the Unknown for Hunger Relief allowing your inner crazy side to come out. The beneficiary, The Stark County Hunger Task Force. Event date June 2nd at the Warehouse in downtown Canal Fulton. You can start now, get all of the details in the Paranormal Journeys blog under the title, "Hunger Games, the reality" only at

Benefiting the Stark County Hunger Task Force

Who says you cannot have fun while supporting a great cause at the same time.

Mark your calendars for Saturday June 2nd from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

At the Warehouse on the Canal in downtown Canal Fulton

Kids 10 and younger are free

With the paid admission to the Warehouse you will hear an original song created for Poe by Major Lee with the lyrics by John Kiste. Major Lee is considered as one of the best in the State in acoustic guitar tapping.

Poe and Ghosts for Hunger Relief 2012
Benefiting the Stark County Hunger Task Force

June 2, 2012
4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Note: new events can be added at anytime

The following will be running continuously; cryptozoology and Universal movie monster displays, horror films playing, ghost hunting discussions/equipment used, ghost discussions with a medium, vendors, food and beverages. Includes a scheduled music performance and a Poe inspired horror theme fashion show, Edgar Allan Poe performance and a Universal Movie Monster discussion.

The above is included within the $10.00 pp general admission fee to the Warehouse, kids 10 years and younger are free to all Warehouse events.

To add to the experience and to assist in the cause the following will have a nominal fee:

A mini- ghost tour in the former basement mortuary with a psychic medium - $5.00 pp.

A mini- ghost tour in the former basement mortuary with a ghost hunter - $5.00 pp.

A walking ghost tour through part of the downtown area - $5.00 pp.

Coffin photos: How about a photo inside a real coffin using your own camera. $2.00

Warehouse Package: for all of the above; $18.00 pp vs. $27.00 pp if paid per item.

The total package: for $20.00 pp the total package will include all of the above in addition to the canal boat ride that will include Poe on board.
Note: There is limited seating and this package can only be purchased through the Canal Fulton Canalway Center at 330-854-6835 or as they are the ones who operate the canal boat. Tickets on sale now.

Saturday: 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

All events are held at the Warehouse except where noted.
The Canalway Center is located in the park, off of Cherry Street about a three (3) minute walk from the Warehouse. Note: there is a large parking lot adjacent to the Canalway Center.

4:00: Doors open
4:15 Ghost Hunting discussions with a ghost hunter
4:45 Ghost hunt with the ghost hunters
5:00 ghost discussions with a medium
5:00 Canal Boat ride with Edgar Allan Poe at the Canalway Center
5:15 mini ghost tour with a medium and walking ghost tour
6:10 Ghost hunting discussions
6:15 Poe inspired horror theme fashion show at the Canalway Center
6:20 Ghost hunt with the ghost hunters
6:45 Questions and Answers with a Medium
7:00 Canal Boat ride with Edgar Allan Poe at the Canalway Center
7:00 Mini ghost tour with a medium and walking ghost tour
7:30 Poe inspired horror theme fashion show at the Canalway Center
8:00 Ginger Ackley: one of the best Celtic and American Folk Music artists around
8:30 Major Lee: one of the top Acoustic Guitar Tapping artists in the State.
9:00 announcing the silent auction winners
9:15 Poe performance
9:45 Mini ghost tour with a medium along with a ghost hunter and a walking ghost tour (both events will end a little past 10:00 pm)
9:45 Universal movie monster discussions
10:00 End of event

This fundraising effort is being coordinated by and between the Warehouse on the Canal and the Canton/Stark County Tourism CVB

Warehouse on the Canal
Edgar Allan Poe Theater
239 N. Canal St. (downtown)
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

Cell phone recycling:

The average household has 3-5 unused cell phones laying around that usually end up in the landfill. Here is a perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning where the phones will be recycled in support of the cause. Bring them to the event. If you have a large amount let us know and we will arrange to pick them up prior to the event date.

This community effort is being put together by and between the Warehouse on the Canal and the Canton/Stark County Tourism CVB 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here is the first trailer for our new movie LEAVES OF TERROR

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poster for our new movie LEAVES OF TERROR

Here is one of the posters for our new movie LEAVES OF TERROR later this week I will be posting the trailer

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jimmy Pudge Bad Billy Review Five Star

5.0 out of 5 stars Disturbing thrill ride of a read.,

A short story that gives you a lot for the price and size. Bad Billy is the product of inbreeding, and shoved into a basement. When he finally finds his way out into the world he has been shut off from years, his social skills are psychotic.

This book would make a amazing film I could picture Rob Zombie turning this into a cult classic. Mayhem, blood, gore, and many surprise twist makes this story a work of art of how to write a short story.

I will be waiting and instantly buying this authors new work as soon as it comes out.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still Fallen i film shot by my daughter

Here is the movie my daughter shot for her Film School project Still Fallen

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lee Goldberg King City review

5.0 out of 5 stars Boken Badge

Tom Wade is thrown into a downward spiral, He loses everything to do what he thinks is right. He makes a stand and his fellow men in blue fall under corruption. For his loyalty to the honor of the badge he is shipped off to patrol one of the worst areas in the city.

Along with him are two rookies he tries to teach the way of the city and getting respect from the dreads of society, the thrown away population.

The story moves along at a frantic pace and one you can't wait to find out what danger is coming next for the three police officers put into a hell zone, and finding a way to make it a little bit better. Maybe just maybe breaking some of the rules along the way.

This is a great introduction to this cop who takes things to an extreme just to get the job done, I can't wait to read more stories of Tom Wade

Any fan of The Shield or The Wire will really find themselves engrossed in this book and wishing to see it someday turned into a TV series

Major Crimes Unit detective Tom Wade secretly worked with the Feds to nail seven of his fellow cops for corruption…turning him into a pariah in the police department. So he’s exiled to patrol a beat in King City’s deadliest neighborhood… with no back-up, no resources, and no hope of survival.
Now Wade fights to tame the lawless, poverty-stricken wasteland…while investigating a string of brutal murders of young women. It’s a case that takes him from the squalor of the inner-city to the manicured enclaves of the privileged, revealing the sordid and deadly ways the two worlds are intertwined…making his enemies even more determined to crush him.
But for Tom Wade, backing down is never an option...even if it will cost him his life. It’s one reason why bestselling author Janet Evanovich calls Wade “an unforgettable and deeply compelling character in the most original crime novel to come along in years."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three New CrimeScape books out now.

Capitalizing on the growing popularity of short eBooks like Kindle Singles and Nook SNAPS, Crimescape and its publisher RosettaBooks LLC, a leading independent digital publisher and eBook pioneer, have added three new short eBooks to its true crime collection, bringing the total to fifteen titles.
Crimescape is proud to offer Murder By Mistake by popular British novelist and nonfiction author M.J. Trow. The mysteries surrounding Britain’s 7th earl of Lucan have endured for almost four decades. In 1974, after his carefully crafted plan to murder his wife went awry, he killed his nanny by mistake, and then attacked his wife ─ all while his three children were in the house. If it happened today, everyone with access to the Internet and TV would be inundated for months with the contradictory details of this bizarre story and how the dashing aristocrat became the subject of a worldwide manhunt. Periodically, there are alleged sightings of the murderous earl on the lam in remote parts of Africa, Asia and South America.  
M. J. Trow, author of the Lestrade, Peter “Mad Max” Maxwell, and the brand-new and very well-received Kit Marlowe detective series, as well as nonfiction books on important historical figures, presents the astonishing details of this case. Trow also analyzes what likely happened the night of the murder and the fate of the missing earl. Combining his talents as a storyteller and the objectivity of a historian, Trow leads us into the opulent sanctuaries of England’s aristocracy, suddenly violated by a despicable crime.
Bestselling eBook author Dr. Katherine Ramsland has authored the second of our new eBooks entitled The Ivy League Killer. Each serial killer is unique, but some have a truly unusual mystique that commands our attention. The media offers simplistic motives for serial lust murder, citing factors such as a head injury or sexual abuse. But what about a gifted young man from a middle-class family who attended an Ivy League university and who was not injured or abused? While at school, he was socially active and became involved with several beautiful young women. He became engaged to one. With this almost perfect life, what could have inspired him to become a predator?
Drawing on her extensive expertise in forensic psychology, Dr. Ramsland gives deep insight into a seemingly promising man who hunted down, raped and murdered eight young women. The same character disorder that supported his sense of entitlement prompted him to insist upon his execution, despite the state’s determined efforts to avoid using the death penalty.
Top selling Crimescape author of MOM: The Killer, former detective Mark Gado brings us another story so strange that it almost defies belief. Reminiscent of The Silence of the LambsKiss the Girls Goodnightis the frightening story of a wealthy real-life collector of girls. Everyone who knew him understood he was strange, but even his wife and three sons thought he was just a harmless eccentric who collected empty bottles and junk. No one was especially surprised when he built a bomb shelter attached to his basement. How could anyone, even his faithful wife, dying a slow death from cancer in the house above — imagine that the shelter was really a bleak dungeon where he imprisoned and raped the girls that he kidnapped? Even more chilling was the skill with which he selected his victims, enticed them into his house, and methodically enslaved them so that they were too frightened to defy him or try to escape.
All fifteen Crimescape eBooks are available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and iBookstore. Each Crimescape true crime short is between 12,000 and 25,000 words and all have numerous photos.
Crimescape is a RosettaBooks collection of compelling short nonfiction crime books by the best true crime authors in the business, many of whom have seen their books made into major motion pictures. Taking readers into the dark heart of the criminal mind and the tense hunt to bring perpetrators to justice, Crimescape authors stand apart from other true crime writers because they are selected for their experience in crime investigation, whether as police detectives, investigative reporters, forensics professionals or criminal psychologists. Riveting storytellers, our Crimescape short nonfiction writers give readers all the information they need to understand relevant clues and the interwoven influences in each criminal case.