Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review of ANOTHER EARTH Blu-ray

A tragic happening mixed with the wonder of a Science fiction element takes you on a journey. The pace of the film is a haunting movement of sorrow and hope. The soundtrack is one of the best i have heard since The Fountain and it really captures the mood of the film.

Shot with a very limited budget it still has the ability to draw you in without stunning special effects but with some amazing acting and story. Some of my favorite films are works of passion of their creator and this film is that. Mike Cahill Co-Wrote, Directed, and edited the film himself and Brit Marling the lead Actress also Co-wrote. This film is an Indie Filmmakers dream come true, to create a film of this level with very limited resources gives all us artist the drive to carry on in hopes to achieve the same.

The buildup in the story line will keep you watching till the last frame and I have to admit that the last shot was one that will stick with you for a long long time.

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