Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lee Goldberg King City review

5.0 out of 5 stars Boken Badge

Tom Wade is thrown into a downward spiral, He loses everything to do what he thinks is right. He makes a stand and his fellow men in blue fall under corruption. For his loyalty to the honor of the badge he is shipped off to patrol one of the worst areas in the city.

Along with him are two rookies he tries to teach the way of the city and getting respect from the dreads of society, the thrown away population.

The story moves along at a frantic pace and one you can't wait to find out what danger is coming next for the three police officers put into a hell zone, and finding a way to make it a little bit better. Maybe just maybe breaking some of the rules along the way.

This is a great introduction to this cop who takes things to an extreme just to get the job done, I can't wait to read more stories of Tom Wade

Any fan of The Shield or The Wire will really find themselves engrossed in this book and wishing to see it someday turned into a TV series

Major Crimes Unit detective Tom Wade secretly worked with the Feds to nail seven of his fellow cops for corruption…turning him into a pariah in the police department. So he’s exiled to patrol a beat in King City’s deadliest neighborhood… with no back-up, no resources, and no hope of survival.
Now Wade fights to tame the lawless, poverty-stricken wasteland…while investigating a string of brutal murders of young women. It’s a case that takes him from the squalor of the inner-city to the manicured enclaves of the privileged, revealing the sordid and deadly ways the two worlds are intertwined…making his enemies even more determined to crush him.
But for Tom Wade, backing down is never an option...even if it will cost him his life. It’s one reason why bestselling author Janet Evanovich calls Wade “an unforgettable and deeply compelling character in the most original crime novel to come along in years."

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