Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crime Does Not Pay 6 DVD set

CRIME DOES NOT PAY — THE COMPLETE SHORTS COLLECTION (1935-47) Here’s the legendary film series — in its entirety! MGM’s celebrated sensationalized shorts caused a sensation — and gave birth to radio and four-color incarnations that courted controversy as ardently as a mug does a moll. While the comic book almost singlehandedly brought an end to comics own pre-Code era, MGM’s smartly crafted series helped usher in the new. Proving to be a fertile training for the next generation of cinema creators eager to subvert and undermine the strictures of the Production Code,Crime Does Not Pay was seminal in the birth of Film Noir, the police procedural, and a new wave of “social message” movies. A furtive perusal of the credits reveals the shorts pack an intimidating line up of future masterminds like Fred Zinnemann, Joseph Losey, Jacques Tourneur, Felix E. Feist, George B. Seitz, Joseph M. Newman and Roy Rowland and soon-to-be-front folk like Laraine Day, Hugh Beaumont, Barry Nelson, Dwight Frye, Paul Guilfoyle, J. Carrol Naish, Darryl Hickman, Cameron Mitchell, Van Johnson and Neil Hamilton. This COMPLETE, Six-Disc Collection includes the Oscar® nominated short, “Don’t Talk,” produced in full cooperation with the Bureau and a precursor of sorts to TV’sThe FBI. Also included is the special bonus non-Crime short “Eyes of the Navy,” which MGM also released as part of the series.

A Criminal Is Born (1938)
A Gun In His Hand (1945)
A Thrill For Thelma (1935)
Alibi Racket (1935)
Behind The Criminal (1937)
Buried Loot (1935)
Buyer Beware (1940)
Coffins On Wheels (1941)
Come Across (1938)
Dark Shadows (1944)
Desert Death (1935)
Don't Talk (1942)
Drunk Driving (1939)
Easy Life (1944)
Eyes Of The Navy (1940)
Fall Guy (1945)
Foolproof (1936)
For The Common Defense (1942)
Forbidden Passage (1941)
Give Till It Hurts (1937)
Help Wanted (1939)
Hit And Run Driver (1935)
It May Happen To You (1937)
Jack Pot (1940)
Keep 'Em Sailing (1942)
Know Your Money (1940)
Miracle Money (1938)
Money To Loan (1939)
Patrolling The Ether (1944)
Phantoms, Inc. (1945)
Plan For Destruction (1943)
Pound Foolish (1940)
Purity Squad (1945)
Respect The Law (1941)
Soak The Old (1940)
Soak The Poor (1937)
Sucker List (1941)
The Last Installment (1945)
The Luckiest Guy In The World (1947)
The Perfect Set-Up (1936)
The Public Pays (1936)
The Wrong Way Out (1938)
They're Always Caught (1938)
Think First (1939)
Think It Over (1938)
Torture Money (1937)
What Price Safety (1938)
While America Sleeps (1939)
Women In Hiding (1940)
You, The People (1940)

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