Monday, January 31, 2011

Earle E. Van Gilder Interview

1: What is the most productive time of the day for you to write?
Morning is my most productive time.

2: Do you start your projects writing with paper and pen or is it all on the computer?
I begin with my initial thought and capture it immediately on the computer.

3: What do you draw inspiration from?
My writing is based loosely on past experiences.

4: Do you set goals for yourself when you sit down to write such as word count?
None, I set no goal and frequently have no idea where the story is going.  Sometimes I even surprise myself.  I do tend to totally lose track of time.

5: Are you a published or a self published author and how do you come up with your cover art?
Said The Spider is self-published through Outskirts and was a joint effort in cover art.

6: What drives you to choose the career of being a writer?
My time now since retirement allows me the freedom to express, to write and re-write as needed.

7: Do you own an ebook reading device?

8: Who are some of your favorite authors and What are you reading now?
Larry McMurtry, John Ross and Allan Eckert are current favorites.  Right now I am reading Miyamoto Musashi – His Life and Writings by Kenji Tokitsu who was an undefeated swordsman, master of battlefield strategy and martial arts icon from the 1600’s in Japan.

9: What do you think of book trailers and do you have any plans to have any?
No plan.

10: How did you come up with the title of your latest book?
It seemed to flow with the story line and I had no need to consider other titles.

11: What are you working on now that you can talk about?
I’ve completed two (2) more in series to the original, Gumshoe Diary and Point of Connection which continue to follow many of the same characters from Said The SpiderGumshoe Diary closely follows the characters with new and different adventures.  Point of Connection follows the plans that began threatening our society in the 60’s and continues to the present as the plans dangers that threaten our society take shape.  

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