Thursday, January 6, 2011

Robert A. Shaines : Command Influence

What is title of your book?

Command Influence, A story of Korea and the politics of injustice

What is your book about?

Fascinating story of Military and legal history during the Korean War, 1952-53. It involves the court material of a 25-year-old 2nd Lieutenant in charge of an air police guard unit in Pusan, Korea, who was convicted by general court martial of premeditated murder. The story unfolds how an unconscionable injustice was perpetrated by the charge and conviction of the Air Force officer, who was subsequently vindicated. It also dealt with the political events during the Korean War which motivated the charges against Schreiber and others. It ultimately involved the President of the U.S., Supreme Court, and others in the highest levels of government.

Why did you decide to write it?

I was 23-years-old Air Force Judge Advocate officer and was one of the defense counsel for Lt. George C. Schreiber, who was accused of premeditated murder in the court martial. The story of the injustice has haunted my thoughts all of mu adult life, and I finally found the time and the ability to vindicate my own conscience in writing the book. I came to understand how George Schreiber and myself were a couple of dedicated but naive and trusting young Air Force officers, whose lives and characters became permanently shaped by the events in those years.

How did you get your book published?

After getting a few rejections I decided to turn to Outskirts Press for the publication of my book.

What type of reader will be interested in your book?

Anyone interested in justice, and military justice and history of the Korean War and an understanding of how political events can affect those in the military.

What is special about your book? What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

My book is differentiated from others involving history of the Korean War and the politics of injustice in the military by the exercise of commanding influence leading to the conviction of an injustice in the military by the exercise of the command influence leading to the conviction of an accused because I was personally present and participated in the events set forth in my book.

Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

I have not published any other books, but I do plan to publish more and am presently working on a book, a work of fiction, based upon my experiences working for the Defense Nuclear Agency in the former Soviet Union from 1992 to 1996. I would anticipate that book being out sometime in late 2011. 

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