Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stacey Cochan Claws 2 Book Review Five Star


This book reminds me of those fun read from the likes of James Herberts Deadly Eyes where you are thrown into the victims last moments of life. Them being hunted down and torn apart. But with Stacey's Claws series you also get nice background fun knowledge of each of the predators.

This book centers around Grizzly Bear attacks and the politics to cover it up for personal gain. A fun entertaining read.

Product Description
Down on her luck and bankrupt, embattled wildlife biologist Dr. Angie Rippard accepts a long-shot assignment from the governor of Colorado to determine once and for all if grizzly bears are completely extinct in the southwest corner of the state.

No one has seen a grizzly north of Durango since 1979, but the governor needs proof to halt development of a 6,000-acre ski resort that will devastate the natural resources of the region.

What Angie finds will forever disrupt construction of the 500-million-dollar resort, and pits her against powerful political forces that will stop at nothing to see that her research never sees the light of day… even if it means hunting her to her death through the worst snowstorm ever seen in the mountains near Telluride.


"A great premise for a thriller ... a really fun read." - Emily Bestler, Dan Brown's Editor at Atria Books

"Cochran's strength lies in writing vivid, nail-biting (not to mention, terrifying!) scenes... Angie is a likable protagonist." - Jason Kaufman, Executive Editor Doubleday Broadway (hardcover editor of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol)

"Cochran has done an excellent job of portraying the frightening nature of wild animals -- I could almost see them at times." - Mark Tavani, Editor Random House

"The writing and characterization are top notch." - Charles Spicer, Editor St. Martin's Press

"Cochran is an impressive writer." - Mitch Hoffman, Executive Editor Grand Central Publishing

"The tension in some scenes is incredible -- I was on the edge of my seat." - Sarah Durand, Senior Editor William Morrow / Harper Collins

"Angie Rippard is a great character and the material is timely." - Samantha Mandor, Editor The Berkley Publishing Group

"Stacey Cochran is a very talented writer." - Colin Fox, Editor Simon & Schuster

"The writing was strong and suspenseful." - John Scognamiglio, Editor in Chief, Kensington Publishing Group

"I was drawn in by the fine writing of this thriller." - Hillel Black, Executive Editor Sourcebooks, Inc.

"Cochran has definitely penned a tale that will have everyone thinking twice about backpacking." - Eric Raab, Editor Tor/Forge

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