Monday, October 18, 2010

DRACULAS Review No Sparkles Just BLOOD *****

No sparkles just BLOOD

When I first heard of the collaboration, I was very excited and the promise of the blood and gore. Then I found out it was another vampire book my excitement dropped down a notch.

Well I should of went with my first gut reaction because this book rewrites the general publics thoughts on that subject, Soon after you dig your teeth into this eBook you grab hold of it, addiction sets in and you cant get enough.

Instead of chapters you get headings of a characters name and the story shifts to where they are in the timeline of this nightmare. The pace of the book is fast and ferocious. As each of them struggle to remain human and not part of the vicious tribe hunting down everything to fulfill their blood lust.

By far the best book I have read on the subject of humans turning into creatures with uncontrollable urge for blood, each drop is it’s addiction that is never satisfied. But you will be.

This book not only has an amazing story but is also filled to the max with extra content. Interviews, behind the scenes, and short stories from all the authors. This is a book you will be talking to your friends about.

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