Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Making of DIE ALREADY Cover Art

My new book Die Already has been getting a lot of comments of how disturbing the cover art alone is, so today I thought I would share with my readers how I came up with it.

I wanted something special that would grab your attention, and still represented the story. I first tried shooting a dark stairwell from a strange angle, but nothing was really connecting with what i wanted.

Then I remembered a photo shoot my daughter did of her cousin, and she had a really nice fashion shot with Kara I thought would fit the story perfectly if it wasn't so beautiful. I told Kaleigh i'd like to use the photo for my book cover, is there a way you can make it look more dark than beautiful.

Without even knowing the story line she took the photo into Photoshop and came back with the results that you now see. I'm just amazed how it looked so great and fit the story line. I took it and flipped the picture to have room for the title.

 I did the txt myself and since I don't know to much about Photoshop I did the title in Final Cut Pro. So I thought i would give you the before and after photos today, and I threw another one as a bonus from the shot that i really liked.

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  1. Your daughter is very talented! Yes, the artwork is disturbing and fits the story well.