Friday, January 13, 2012


What makes for a good true-crime story? Interesting characters, an engrossing plot, situations that often teeter between life and death. But here’s the MacGuffin about true crime: What you’re reading actually happened. Sometimes truth really is more compelling than fiction. And that’s why you will enjoy reading Crimescape’s true crime series.”
—Paul Alexander, # 1 bestselling author of the Kindle Singles Accused and Murdered

RosettaBooks LLC, a leading independent digital publisher and eBook pioneer, has expanded its Crimescape collection to twelve short true crime eBooks. Three of the six new eBooks are written by bestselling Kindle authors Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Anthony Bruno and Mark Gado. In Psychopath, Dr. Ramsland reveals how science can now decode the sadistic behavior of serial killer H. H. Holmes, a real-life Hannibal Lecter. Holmes is a central figure in an upcoming movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio based on Erik Larson’s bestselling book The Devil in the White City.
Anthony Bruno’s The Roppongi Stalker takes the reader into the tangled world of Tokyo's sex trade where a charming serial rapist and killer preyed on young women to satisfy his deviant sexual desires. The wealthy playboy had a taste for young Caucasian women. He stalked them, lured them on dates, then drugged and raped them. After two women died, he eluded justice for a decade.
NIGHTCRAWLER by former detective Mark Gado is the story of a ruthless murderer who preyed on the weak and deceived the police at almost every turn. What he did with his victims afterwards shocked and appalled an entire city.
Crimescape has added three very experienced crime writers: Johnny Sharp, Rachael Bell, and Elizabeth Engstrom. British investigative journalist Johnny Sharp’s Murder on the New Moon: The True Story of the Monster of Florence brings new clarity to the bizarre case of the monstrous serial killer who stalked the picturesque Italian countryside around Florence, shooting and mutilating eight couples on moonless nights in dark lovers’ lanes. George Clooney will star in the upcoming movie about the unsolved murder case.
Sexual Obsessions Gone Wrong by Rachael Bell is an entertaining and at times tongue-and-cheek look into cases of bizarre sexually obsessive behaviors (paraphilias) that had unintended consequences. Bell is an expert in sex criminals and is a therapist in a lock-down facility for teenage sex offenders.
Singled out by People Magazine as one of America’s best mystery writers, Elizabeth Engstrom’s Something Happened to Grandma takes the reader into a horrific family tragedy precipitated by deep-seated anger and deception.
All twelve Crimescape eBooks are available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and iBookstore. Each Crimescape true crime short is between 12,000 and 25,000 words.
Crimescape is a RosettaBooks collection of compelling short nonfiction crime books by the best true crime authors in the business, many of whom have seen their books made into major motion pictures. Taking readers into the dark heart of the criminal mind and the tense hunt to bring perpetrators to justice, Crimescape authors stand apart from other true crime writers because they are selected for their experience in crime investigation, whether as police detectives, investigative reporters, forensics professionals or criminal psychologists. Riveting storytellers, our Crimescape short nonfiction writers give readers all the information they need to understand relevant clues and the interwoven influences in each criminal case.


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