Sunday, March 4, 2012


4.0 out of 5 stars One moment in time devastating resultsMarch 4, 2012
Within one moment many lives are affected in this tragic true crime story. A brutal senseless killing of a young man working a convenient store at night. The story gives you a first person perspective of being what the girlfriend of the shooter went through.

The writing style is done in a journal like sense giving you insight of the fear she went through, the fear of her life and the unborn child she was carrying, and the anger she felt for the for the father of that baby for putting them in the situation they were in.

Also included is some of the write ups form the local paper giving the scoop on how the local population viewed the case. The author gives a uninterrupted time line of what she went through from watching the young man die and his last moments of life, her struggle to escape from the monster she at one time thought was going to be part of a her happy family.

Then after the law finally starts looking at them as a person of interest and she go to them for help she finds herself a victim again of the justice system trying to use her to close the case.

A dark, and interesting look into being a victim of abuse and fear, she has found her way to better time and I hope others who read this will realize what situations you can find yourself in if you are not careful.

A True Crime book i'm glad to have in my library and will have me thinking about it for a while.

I Witnessed A Killing

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