Friday, April 13, 2012

Review of Vanessa Morgan's Screenplay A Good Man

I received an advance copy of Vanessa Morgan’s new screenplay A Good Man to review. The story is now in preproduction with a French production company and after reading the screenplay i’m anxious to see the movie.
The screenplay opens with you meeting a help support group that turns out that they are all vampires. Let me just come right out and say these are not the vampires that sparkle. These vampires deal with a whole different side of the myth of their nature.
The main character is Louis he has been a vampire since 1750 and his main problem is that he was 55 when he was transformed into a vampire and that is the age he will be forever. 
Louis is finding his life to be a very lonely way of life. Other than his need to feed upon the humans he still feels his need to bound with someone and he just is not finding it. 
The screenplay is very engrossing I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. Some great characters that Vanessa brings to life and will make a great film. The ups and downs of really being a vampire and an inspector hot on your trail of blood.
The screenplay has a nice blend of described violence and suggested violence. I give it a fun Five star rating. I look forward to this coming to life on film. 
Just remember Karma can really Bite.

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