Friday, December 23, 2011

My short story collection THE ROT is now FREE

In celebration of the Holidays I am making the collection of all of my short stories Free for you on Amazon. The Rot
contains all six of my short stories in one book. This deal is only available for 5 days so get while you can.

Review by: Chantale Reve on March 21, 2011 : star star star star star 
I have just read "The Rot" and am absolutely chilled to the bone. With an economy of words but an expanse of compassion, Speicher keeps the reader of this cryptic tale in suspense until the end. Palpable, odorous, stifling and frightening, Speich's masterful flash fiction left me wobbly in the shoes of his everyman protagonist.

Review by: Tom Raimbault on March 21, 2011 : star star star star star
A hot-button topic has recently appeared in every day conversation, suggesting that our country's leaders may not be looking out for our best interest. Who hasn't come to this conclusion in recent times? It would appear that politicians and company CEOs, alike, have it their only objective to make obscene amounts of money--whether it be for personal use or campaign funds. How far will these leaders go to get exactly what they want? What sort of sacrifices can be made? To make this issue all-the-more angering, it would appear that it's the ordinary, everyday citizen who pays the bill and often receives one injustice after another in doing so.
Conspiracy theory: it's a topic that creators of horror fiction have suddenly embraced. We truly are fearful of those who lead this country. What if politicians could do something horrible, and do it to those who are in most need of help in this country, all for the sake of a personal gain?
When reading the first, few paragraphs of The Rot, I couldn't help but feel for those less fortunate than me. When waking up this morning, I heard nothing but peace and quiet in my house. I had hot water in my shower, and the plumbing didn't sputter and spray air for some moments before finally spiking cold water. I'll go so far as to say that my environment was nice and clean; and I had food in my refrigerator for breakfast. Is it any wonder that I had a sense of guilt while experiencing a small moment of the main character's day?
But his day was only going to get worse!
I give this story 5 stars. Kipp did a great job in embracing a new terror that disturbs and outrages us. Well done!

Review by: Ey Wade on Aug. 12, 2011 : star star star star star
Wow, short, to the point and disturbing. The Rot, scared me. Just the idea of such a thing happening doesn't seem far fetched in this haves and have not world. I suppose the poor would be seen as pests to be eliminated. Awesome story Kipp. Hope you never become leader of the world or a politician. Not kidding. lol

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