Monday, December 12, 2011

Why I love Amazon excellent customer service

Why I love Amazon

I received a gift card for Best Buy a few weeks ago and really never had any desire to run out and use it. With the Holiday traffic and the price of gas I just didn't want to deal with it all. Besides the only thing I could imagine getting was using it to purchase an Amazon gift card,but I don't think i would be able to do that?

This past Sunday I headed out to work early in the morning to clean an office and when I got there the parking lot had cars in it and someone was using the main meeting room. I not wanting to work around people and not really wanting to sit in my car waiting for them to leave I headed on over to the Best Buy right up the street.

Walking around for about an hour looking to find anything interesting to purchase I finally decided on getting the Blu ray of one of my favorite movies The Big Lebowski. Then after cleaning and then getting home on that freezing Sunday afternoon I opened the package and noticed a slip of paper with a code to download the Digital Copy of TBL and what was even better it was not just limited to iTunes, I could log onto Amazon and get it for free there.

I thought this is great I get one of my favorite movies to play on my Kindle Fire
when ever I want to watch it. So after following the instructions on the Universal web page I hopped on over and purchased The Big Lebowski
for $7.99 even though the code gave $9.99 credit to purchase it.

Within minutes it showed up in my Kindle Fire
Library, But with one catch the purchase did not come off of the credit I got from the code it was taken out of my account, and left the $9.99 in my Amazon Video credit. So after a few minutes on the phone with Amazon the representative refunded the $7.99 to my account and told me to just go ahead and use the $9.99 on any other video download I wanted. 

So after browsing 1000 of movies I found one of my favorite directors and a very good friend Andrew Shearer's movie Fake Blood
for $3.99 to own (SCORE) so after i purchased that I went to see that the purchase also went to my credit card and not the Amazon Video store credit of $9.99.

I figured I would just shoot them an email to let them know that the code is still getting funky results. No more than three minutes after the the email was sent my cell phone rings it is a representative calling me to discuss the problem, having a very nice conversation with him he figured out that the code must only be valid for that one and only video purchase of TBL so he said he would delete that code and put in a new code and make it for $10.00 so I would know when it went through.

Within a few minutes my Amazon Video account had $10.00 in it and I could not resist purchasing one of my other favorite movies to play on my Kindle Fire
Apocalypse Now Redux

for $5.99. What amazing customer service at Amazon. 

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