Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last House On Dead End Street 2: the unproduced screenplay

In 2005 filmmakers Andrew Copp and Fred Vogel teamed up to produce an AUTHORIZED sequel to the cult classic LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END ST with the participation of the original movie's director Roger Watkins who was slated to direct. The new screenplay was written by Andrew Copp from an original story by Fred Vogel and Andrew Copp. The film was in pre-production for a long time, and nearly financed when when the most unfortunate and sad thing that could have possibly happened occurred, Roger Watkins passed away. Many options were weighed to try to put the film forward, including Copp directing the film. Which was a game plan for a long while. But eventually, with Roger not around, the impetus to make the film was no longer there and the production folded. 

Fans often ask about the movie, and the script has become something of a grassroots piece of folklore in the horror underground. Some people have even suggested it was a myth (we are looking at you posters on IMDB). While those few who were on the inside that got to read it still feel like they were cheated in some way that the film did not get to be produced. 

Offering this screenplay to read is the closest I can give to the fans of the original film. The movie unfortunately can not be made at this point for numerous reasons. But this was the AUTHORIZED sequel to DEAD END ST. This was the film that was in production for several years before tragedy cut it short. So accept no substitutes.

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