Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jenna Anderson 5 STAR review OFF LEASH

5.0 out of 5 stars Short, sweet, and filled with emotionAugust 13, 2011
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This review is from: Off Leash (Kindle Edition)
This may clock in as a quick read but you get a lot of story and rich well created characters. This short little book does it right, introduces you to the characters and painting a perfect picture in your mind without a lot of wasted words. I really liked how she gives you a few comical rules to live by at the beginning of each chapter that gives you a hint of what is to come. 

Growing up in a house where my mother is a Shitzu breeder I was able to really relate to the quest of Candice to get her dog to the prized stud. I really liked how you really fell into the story of how nothing at all went right but maybe that is the best things that happen to us. I have to admit I might of been a little choked up at the end. 

This is a book i would recommend and look forward to more from Jenna Anderson.

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  1. Aww - thanks Kip! Glad you liked my story. :-)

    Thank you so much for the nice review!