Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reading now Illustrated True Crime

Charles Manson, Bonnie and Clyde, O. J. Simpson, Serpico, Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, John Christie, Lorena Bobbit, Ruth Ellis, the Gang of Four, the Great Train Robbery, and the Hitler diaries—these are only thirteen of the many and manifold cases featured in this new, copiously illustrated Mammoth volume drawn from the annals of twentieth-century crime. Researched by editor Colin Wilson, an authority on crime and the criminal mind, and with access to the extensive resources of the international photo collection at the Hulton Getty Picture Library, the book offers more than 500 pages of unforgettable, and sometimes rare, images that cover a widely diverse range of subjects, from art theft to arson, from con men to cannibalism, from forensics to executions, from censorship to terrorists. As comprehensive in its scope as it is shocking in its photographic details, this illustrated chronicle brings dramatic immediacy to some of the most notorious events of the last century. One photo presents serial killer Dr. Marcel Petiot's stash of his forty-seven victims' clothes. Another image captures the attempted assassination of President Reagan, his Secret Service agents diving to protect him, while still another illustrates the heavy hand of justice with a body reeling from the bullets of the firing squad. Here, too, are photographs of victims, vital clues, grisly crime scenes, mass murders, sex scandals, gangsters, spies, and innumerable other subjects that arrest the eye and graphically illuminate the consequences of crime.

Illustrated True Crime: A Photographic RecordIllustrated True Crime: A Photographic Record by Colin Wilson

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