Monday, August 8, 2011

Rebecca Forster Interview eBook Giveaway

1: What is the most productive time of the day for you to write?  When I worked corporately, I would write in the evening from about 6 P.M. to 11 P.M. When I quit work, I retrained myself. Now I am at a funky little neighborhood coffee shop writing from 7:30 in the morning and I’ll stay until 2. In the evening I work on editing, replying to emails, working online.

2: Do you start your projects writing with paper and pen or is it all on the computer? My handwriting is atrocious so the answer is computer!

3: What do you draw inspiration from? My inspiration comes from many places. Sometimes a person’s physical appearance or voice will trigger an idea for a character. My plots are inspired by stories in legal and mainstream newspapers, court cases and discussion not just with lawyers but clerks and bailiffs. The trick is to marry the legal procedures with the personal dilemma.  

4: Do you set goals for yourself when you sit down to write such as word count? I used to write until I had 20 pages a day, every day.  The older I get, the less I do in one sitting. Now, I’ll write maybe 5-10 pages and go back and edit. I cherish the days, though, when the writing just flows.

5: Are you a published or a self published author and how do you come up with your cover art? Over 20 of my books were traditionally published by houses like Harper Collins, Penguin/Putnam,Pocket Books and Kensington to name a few.  My books made a number of bestseller lists including USA Today Bestseller (Keeping Counsel) and I now I am an indie published author. Before Her Eyes was my first indie book. I do some of the covers myself and others I have the help of a friend. 

6: What drove you to choose the career of being a writer? My story is a little different than most writers. I wasn’t a journal keeper. I didn’t dream of writing. I earned my MBA and intended to have a business career. My client was married to Danielle Steele. I made the mistake of saying that “I could write a book, too.” My associate dared me to do it. I thought it was a great dare but I never expected to be published. When it was, I was hooked. Now writing is my passion.

7: Do you own an ebook reading device? Yes, I own a Kindle but I also read paper books. For traveling, though, an ebook device is amazing. This year I was in Germany, Lisbon, Turkey and had an entire library in my purse!

8: Who are some of your favorite authors and what are you reading now? My favorite authors include Stephen King, Wilkie Collins (Woman in White), Dean Koontz, Scott Turow and David Wisehart (an incredible indie author). Currently I’m reading two indie authors: R.W. Graves, Blank Slate and Richard Bard, Brainrush. I think it’s important for indies to support one another. I just finished Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie and Dracula by Bram Stoker. I also have This Much I Know To Be True on my bedside table. I’m kind of an eclectic reader.

9: What do you think of book trailers and do you have any plans to have any? I love book trailers. I’m hoping to do one for the witness series. I have a great idea for Before Her Eyes but I haven’t got a clue how to get what’s in my head onto film. 

10: How did you come up with the title of your latest book? I agonized over that title because I don’t know if it says to people what it says to me. I have always been fascinated by the idea that your life flashes before your eyes when you are about to die. Every character in this book stares death in the face and each has to relive decisions and loyalties and choices – sometimes in the blink of an eye.

11: What are you working on now that you can talk about? I’m working on the fourth book in the Witness Series (Hostile Witness, Silent Witness and Privileged Witness). Like Before Her Eyes, I have split the book into two distinct parts: onsite with the victim and onsite with the investigation. This book will not have the fantasy element of Before Her Eyes.  Expert Witness will explore revenge, self-righteousness, and the question of whether or not people should be held responsible in the present for things they did in the past. I’m hoping to have Expert Witness finished by Christmas.

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