Saturday, November 12, 2011

Amber-the death mask FIVE Star review

5.0 out of 5 stars Shutting off the outside world and entering a new realm.November 12, 2011

Tom Raimbault is what owning a Kindle is all about, his novel The Tree Goddess from last year was my favorite read of the year. Introducing you too the town of Mapleview with a cast of characters with their twisted stories all wrapping and warping around each others. The book is a true thrill to read.

Now Tom returns with more from the town of Mapleview and a little town of Sillmac, this story taking place before The Tree Goddess. You don't have to read either one of them first both are separate stories all within the same imagination of one another.

Tom this time takes us into the home and proud owner of Dickly's Hardware. The family suffers some hard times with their daughters terrible accident that leaves her paralyzed, and then the mothers sickness that eventually leads to her death.

All this sorrow and heart break leads to Michael finding the charm and helpfulness of a beautiful young lady named Amber. What seems to be a dream come true both for Michael and Amber begins to build and morph into a nightmare of regret, obsession, and betrayal.

You become so involved in the characters in a book of Tom's that the whole outside world just disappears, His writing style is captivating and at times he steps out from behind the curtain ands actually addresses the reader. So do yourself a favor get this book and all his other books. This guy should be populating the top sellers list.

Crawl up in a cozy blanket, open a bottle of fine wine and find yourself drifting off into the world created by Tom Raimbault, and then after your done wait for the next book to come out to take another vacation form reality.

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