Thursday, November 3, 2011

Collectors Edition The Mutilation Man VHS

My friend Andy Copp is selling a limited edition Collectors Edition The Mutilation Man VHS

THE MUTILATION MAN (1998) - Andrew Copp's intense and disturbing debut motion picture that put him on the map that was called one the most upsetting underground movies ever made by many critics, is now available for a LIMITED TIME in a brand NEW COLLECTOR'S VHS package limited to 100 pieces. 

Long out of print on both VHS and DVD this film is now available for the collector's market in this stunning VHS package featuring a red clam shell case and red VHS with incredible original all new artwork by filmmaker and artist Andrew Shearer. The artwork came out so interesting that there is TWO versions available.

Style A features Lead actor Terek Puckett on the cover


Style B featuring the RAZOR BLADE style cover.

The VHS also features a new alternate CUT of the film that runs approximately 10 minutes longer than any previously seen edition of the film.

- Red clam shell case with Either Style A or B artwork
- Red VHS cassette tape
- 91 minute alternate cut of the film
- Trailers for most of the Coppfilms filmography including the just released INK & FLESH
- The short film THE DYING NAVIGATOR
- and the internet review show THE FINAL CUT reviews THE MUTILATION MAN in his special "What the Frak?" segment...
- Signed and numbered limited to only 100 pieces 

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