Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jess C Scott The Intern book review

The Intern
Is a fun read filled with characters that are very easy to find yourself caring about. The book is a first in a series dealing with the Seven deadly sins. With this book in the Young Adult fiction taking on "Lust".

The story is about real friendship as Suzy Q & Chester get a summer job in the big city as interns, On their adventure Suzy finds herself getting caught up in one of her biggest passions, dance.

She meets and falls for one of the most talented in the field of Hip Hop dance. The story gives you a fun look into the world of dance competition and the dedication that is put into it.

Along the way we find mystery surrounding her new crush that she tries to figure out where she stands with him. Then comes a nice twist to the story that shows just who your friends are.

Great characters and a fascinating look at to todays culture .

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