Sunday, January 9, 2011

Charles Hall Interview

1: What is the most productive time of the day for you to write?  The morning.

2: Do you start your projects writing with paper and pen or is it all on the computer?  All on the computer now, though I wrote my first novel in cursive many years ago.

3: What do you draw inspiration from?  Native cultures, geographical features, personal experience.

4: Do you set goals for yourself when you sit down to write such as word count? No.

5: Are you a published or a self published author and how do you come up with your cover art?  Self-published. Outskirts Press provided the cover artist, I came up with the design based on a plot event and five prominent characters.

6: What drives you to choose the career of being a writer? I have wanted to write since I read my first Hardy Boy Mystery.

7: Do you own an ebook reading device? No.

8: Who are some of your favorite authors and What are you reading now?  Tolkien, Shakespeare, C.S. Forrester, Ellis Peters. I am currently reading “The Horse, the Wheel and Language,” by David W. Anthony, a research study of the homeland of the Indo-European language family.

9: What do you think of book trailers and do you have any plans to have any?  I have my doubts concerning their effectiveness.  If you mean “video trailer” I have used one with OP.

10: How did you come up with the title of your latest book?  My son invented the name “Endylmyr:” I agonized over using the word “Chronicle,” but decided it beat “legends, tales, or myths.”

11: What are you working on now that you can talk about? The second volume in the series, “A Chronicle of Endylmyr.”  No subtitle yet.

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