Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Lending for the Kindle Read an EBook week

This week is read an EBook week so I thought i'd give you info on an amazing sight that is a gathering place to share books with other Kindle users

It's free to sign up and easy to use just use your Facebook sign in if you want. Then hit borrow a book button on the page and search for any book Amazon carries (note that some of the books are not available to lend due to publishers request, but there are plenty to lend and borrow.) Or if you have a large collection just sitting on your Kindle that you have already read you can put those up to lend out.

After you borrow a book you get 14 days to read it then after those 14 days it i returned to the loaner of the book. No gas to buy to travel across town to get or return book.

So take advantage of this Great service and join in the fun of reading and sharing, Have fun and read an eBook this week and it wont cost you a thing.


  1. Thanks for the link Kipp, yeah -I have heard about it on my travels. A nice reminder.

  2. Your welcome it's a great service i've read 4 books through it already