Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beth Hart My California (a rant)

My California release date announcement

Attention everybody! The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived: the release date announcement of My California. Mark the following dates on your calendar: Denmark will be releasing Beth's new album My California on October 11th. The rest of Europe will be releasing the album a week earlier, on October 4th. Unfortunately the US fans will have to be patient a little bit longer, there the album will be released in the first quarter of the new year.
Track list:
01 My California
02 Life Is Calling
03 Happiness… any day now
04 Love Is The Hardest
05 Bad Love Is Good Enough
06 Drive
07 Sister Heroine
08 Take It Easy On Me
09 Like You (and everyone else)
10 Everybody Is Sober
11 Weight Of The World
12 Oh Me Oh My (limited edition: bonus track)
Audio clips of all songs will be made available soon.
Pre-order My California at your favorite record store!

 Ok here we go this dose not make any sense to me at all, come on Beth you know I luv ya but what the Hell? This is a perfect plan to kill a release. You offer your record to one part of the world in October, but the US citizens wont be able to purchase the cd or download the music till next year?
 Beth Hart is one of the most amazing musicians on the planet that no one really knows about, I cringe and  want to send a shiv into my eardrums with what the networks wants us to buy into with American Idol, So many true musicians never see the light of day that are TRUE musicians.
 Beth has a rabid fan base if you know who she is you adore her she lives the music, but who ever is running the show for you hun is not doing you any favors, This is the age of digital downloads, and if you don't make it available to some and available to others well lets just say people do find ways to get what they want.
This is a sure fire way to lose sales like crazy.

This is my rant for the day now back to your regular programing.

Kipp Poe  

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