Friday, September 10, 2010

Chris Redding Interview

Thank you for having me on your blog today. I'm excited to be here.

1: What is the most productive time of the day for you to write?

 I am a morning person. My brain shuts down about 8p so I write in the morning. Especially if I have to write fresh. If I am revising I can do it in the afternoon, but evening does not work. Most days I am up by 5:30, but don't really get started until the kids are in school.

2: Do you start your projects writing with paper and pen or is it all on the computer?

Years ago I wrote paper and pen. Then I decided I hated the typing in time so I trained myself to write on the computer. I have a laptop so I can be anywhere when I write.

3: What do you draw inspiration from?

Anywhere. I see stuff on the news that gets my brain moving. I see a movie and think about how I would have told that story.

4: Do you set goals for yourself when you sit down to write such as word count?

When I am writing new stuff, I try for five pages a day. Doesn't sound like much, but I have a part time job and kids and a husband and their various activities. Revising I shoot for ten pages a day. Any more and I'm reading not looking at it critically.

5: Are you a published or a self published author and how do you come up with your cover art?

I am both, I guess. The Drinking Game is published as was Corpse Whisperer. But now that Corpse Whisperer is out of print, I put it out on Kindle. The cover art is a collaboration between myself and my son. He's very talented and creative.

6: What drives you to choose the career of being a writer?

I can't not write. I've wanted to do this since I was in fifth grade. I couldn't stop now.

7: Do you own an ebook reading device?

 No, but a Kindle is on my Christmas list.

8: Who are some of your favorite authors and What are you reading now? 

Lisa Gardner is my favorite. I'd love to list more indie authors, but until I get a reader, I can't say who I like. I look forward to discovering many new ones. Right now I am reading Pandora's Daughter by Iris Johansen, another favorite author of mine.

9: What do you think of book trailers and do you have any plans to have any?

 I don't watch them, but I do have one for Corpse Whisperer. I'm not sure if they are effective, but it didn't cost my anything so I had one made.

10: How did you come up with the title of your latest book?

 I began writing it around the time Horse Whisperer came out. Seemed a logical title to me since my heroine does talk to corpses.

11: What are you working on now that you can talk about?

 Write now I'm working on a new writer's workshop for next year. Don't have a title yet, but it is a two week course about layering in all the aspects of a story.

Thanks for having me today. I'm offering a prize! For one lucky poster I will send you a bag of chocolate. This is for US residents only.


  1. Chris,
    Thanks for sharing. I too am an early bird and my creative mind seems to stir up in the morning hours. I'm amazed how so many writers also have full time and/or part time jobs yet they seem to be able to pour out a stories one after the other. Great interview with honesty.

    Jeffrey Barbieri
    Lets Find You

  2. Hi Chris,
    Wow, getting up at 5.30 every morning,that takes devotion. I couldn't do that, but I do find I write best in the morning, but make it about 8 o├žlcok. Yes working and family certainly do interupt the writing flow.
    Good luck with all your ventures.


  3. I haven't seen 5:30 AM in ages, unless I'm on my way to bed and peek out the window. I'm such a night person. Great interview, Chris. I'm considering self-publishing one of my books, just don't know how to go about it quite yet...or how to get it on Kindle. I may have to email you. :)

  4. Ginger,
    Feel free to e-mail me. You know I'll share. I can even talk about it on your loop if you want.