Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sidney Williams Blood Hunter review

5.0 out of 5 stars No vampires or zombies YAY!!

A fun fast paced read of a reporter helping out a beautiful young lady look for the killer of her brother. Filled with blood and gore as they uncover the truth. If your a fan of Dexter and the X Files you will love this book. I can't wait to read more from Sidney Williams.

This is the first of many of Sidney’s novels we’ll be re-releasing. In order to help get his name back out there, we are offering Blood Hunter at a special reduced price until the first of September. Grab your copy now!

Legends abound about hideous creatures who live in the swamps near Aimsley, Louisiana. They’ve picked up the name Mormo, and they are said to be terrifying. but Jag Walker and Debra Blane discover the creatures are at the root of a larger conspiracy as they begin a search for her missing brother. As they unravel ancient secrets and modern evil, they find they must confront a nightmare.
Author’s Note for the E-Edition

It’s hard to believe Blood Hunter was written twenty years ago, and the unsold screenplay on which I based it even further back. That screenplay entailed what is now the latter portion of this story. I opened the tale up a little more when I turned it into a novel, my third published book. It was written while I was a young reporter, though not, by that point, as green as Jag, this book’s protagonist.

Recently, someone sent me a You Tube clip of an interview I did at a science fiction convention around the time of the original publication. I remember doing that sound bite, and it seems like yesterday. This new edition is much like the original edition. I’ve tightened the prose in places and touched up a few plot points, but I haven’t tried to update it or do major overhauls. This is a story set in the 1990s.

It’s interesting, in re-reading the text after some time, to note how the world has changed. Characters make a lot of pay phone calls and struggle with communication issues that are no longer a challenge. They also refer to a troubled economy and the impact of fluctuating oil prices. Some things don’t change at all.

There were certainly no e-books when this was first written. It’s exciting to see it gain new life in a new era. Happy reading.


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