Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Dreams are what everyone tells you to chase.
They are the glimmer of hope that you will find your way in life.
Dreams are the Happiness everyone wants
They are you finding a voice for the thoughts that bring tears to your eyes

Dreams are also the visions that fill our heads as our bodies lay at rest
These dreams sometime fill us with great wonder and joy of life
Some of these dreams put a devilish smile on our face
As we picture that fantasy the perfect soul mate in the most perfect visual setting
To dream of laying next to that one in the early morning as the sunlight
slowly filters through and caresses and kisses the body of your lover.

Then the Dreams of your crazy imagination taking the best of you
Filled with demons, wild animals, endless falls to earth,
The Faceless pursuers all ready to to take your life.
And have you waking in a cold sweat and grasping for true life
And rejoicing that it was all but a dream
A Nightmare......

Then are the Dreams that are the worse of them all
Even worse than being skinned alive or sorts.
The Dreams of us failing never to find that happiness
Never to lay in the embrace of a lover as your bodies become one.
Never again receive a kiss hello or Goodbye.
The problem with theses Dreams is that they invade
Our waking life fill our heads with doubt.

They fill us with the fear make us feel alien in our own world.

Do dreams Imitate our lives

Or does our Lives Imitate our Dreams ?

Kipp Poe

Professional Dreamer

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  1. Along with faith, hope and love; dreams are the most valuable treasures we have on Earth.