Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Thought You Tasted Like Rain Chapter 1

I Thought you Tasted Like Rain

Chapter 1: First Glance


A rain drop hits and instantly heats up on the surface of a towering parking lot overhead light. the drop quickly follow the stream created by the previous drops of rain as it heads with an unstoppable force to the edge of the light. Then once again it takes a free fall returning once more to it's endless cycle.

Rain beats upon the roof of the 1970 red Nova as the windshield wipers splash the ever cascading stream of rain that distorts the Quickie Mart it is parked in front of.

Billy takes a long drag on his cigarette as the cherry on the end cigarette brightens. Mitsy looks over at him with her face full of worry.

Are you sure this is a good idea?” you really don't need to do this Billy. she looks down and places her hand over her belly “Maybe I can keep it we can work things out” .

Either way we need the money nothing bad will happen I'm going in and coming right back out then we hit the road and head for Florida, Then we can decide what is best” Billy looks around the parking lot scanning the cars for anyone else who might be watching all the cars are empty and must be patronizing the bowling alley in the adjoining building.

There is only one worker in there tonight and no other customers if you see anything just beep the horn” Billy reach under the seat and pulls out a small revolver and puts it in the pocket of his jean jacket. “Why are you taking that in? what if he pulls one on you? Billy looks toward the cashier behind the counter “Just don’t fucking worry about it he is just a worker making jack shit he ain’t going to jeopardize his life for his job.”

Billy threw the car door open and slammed it shut before she had a chance to try to plead with him again. The rain felt cold but refreshing on his face as he walked towards the door his shoes kicking through the puddles of water creating ripples in the reflection of the neon sign in the window.

As the door opened a ding dong electronic sound echoed through out the store and the worker was standing at the counter looking right at Billy waiting to serve him like he was waiting just for him to walk in.

Billy waisted no time they have been sitting in the parking lot ten minutes with no sign of others entering and wanted to make sure it stayed that way he walked right up to the counter and pulled out the revolver “No Bullshit now man just hand me over the money and i will walk right out of here and you get to go home tonight”Stan put his hands up into view as a surrendering motion “Ohh OK partner just take it easy with that thing i’m going to reach slowly to open the cash register and you are welcome to it”.

Stan slowly reached down with one hand to push the button to open the cash register and stepped back “Go ahead man take it all” with the gun still pointed in Stans direction Billy reached over the counter with his free hand and grabbed all the cash he spotted then lifted the tray to gain access to the larger bills underneath.

This is all you got ...alright just put your hands on the counter top and no sudden moves and you will get to live the rest of your miserable life after i walk out that door” Billy took a quick glance towards the parking lot and seen Mitsy in the car watching intensely.

Billy looks back at Stan and starts walking backwards towards the door with his breath and excitement building with every step closer to the door he gets. Then a wave of chills washed over him and the light intensified in the store and from the ceiling around a black and brown spot in the white drop ceiling a raindrop drips down and splashes on his forehead.

Billy turns toward Mitsy then turns back to Stan with a tear welling up in his eye he raises the gun and shoots Stan square in the head and Stan falls instantly as dead weight on the counter and slides to the floor.

The shot rang out like a thunder clap and sent Mitsy into a crying screaming fit as she started pounding on the dash of the car and throws the door open to the car and enters the rain stumbling to the shop with shock and confusion.

Billy drops the gun on the floor and looks at the approach of Misty and runs to the door puts the money in her hand “Get the fuck out of here just go take off just go” Mitsy with tears streaming down her face “What the hell did you do that for Why!!? “ I don't know just go i will take care of it just you and the baby get out of here” Billy falls to his knees and looks up at the spot in the ceiling as the red and blue lights ascend upon the quickie mart and Mitsy ran out the door and into the car and speeds off.

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