Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Friend In Need

Here is a short i wrote for a lesson in a book i'm reading where you get the setup and you create the story.

A Friend In Need

As Suzan walked to pick up a thing of milk she noticed her husbands friend Larry struggling looking at a list of groceries he looked very lost, She approached him and put a hand on his shoulder "Are you OK Larry?"

Larry looked up and tired to give a smile "I have been better Suz, Lindsey has kicked me out and as you can see I'm not coping the best" Larry looked down and shook the thought of a tear forming in his eye.

Suzan put an arm around him and replied "Hey why don't you come over for diner tonight.We can talk and play cards Tom would be thrilled to hang out with you I'm sure." Larry looked up and gave her a smile and took a few seconds and then bashfully accepted the invite.

As the the front door came open and Tom walked through the smell of stir fry chicken filtered from the kitchen making his stomach growl with the thought of having a great meal tonight, "So what is the occasion? " Tom asked as he took off his shoes and Suzan came walking out of the kitchen.

"We are having a guest over tonight for diner... it's Larry is wife has kicked him out" Tom looked at her puzzled. "How did you find all of this out did someone call here ?" Suzan walking over to the table to take off the days mail and straighten things up. "No i ran into him at the store and invite him over for diner I figured he could use some friends right now"

Tom took off his coat and looked at his watch "When is he coming over? I had plans for later this evening." Suzan looked up with a bit of haste in her eyes "Well you never told me you had somewhere to be tonight and i think you should be more concerned of being here for a friend. Instead of running off somewhere Larry is really taking it hard."

Tom walks over to the bar and pours himself a drink " Okay i will see if I can go later I just wish I would of known this and not walk right into it "As he takes a drink he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and looks at it.

Suzan walks past him and into the kitchen and shakes her head in disapproval. And Tom heads up the steps to get a shower.

The door bell rings and Suzan walks towards the door to answer it and lets Larry in, " Wow it smells really nice in here looks like you went to allot of trouble" Suzan takes his coat and hangs it up on the rack "It was no trouble at all so glad you came..hope you are hungry."

As they enter the dining room Tom comes down the steps all cleaned and showered "Hey Larry glad to see you came out to have a nice diner with us." As he raises his hand to shake it."so I hear you and Lindsey are going through some hard times what happened?"

Larry looked over at Suzan and then back at Tom "I don't really know we seemed to be doing fine but she did seem to be getting a bit distant lately" Tom looked at him as he sat down at the table "Yeah women can be a pain in the ass at times. So she gave you no reason behind her actions?"

"No not really she just said she needed her space and didn't love me anymore and wants me out she said she is sick of supporting me" Larry was becoming choked up again and put his head down as he pulled the seat out to sit on it.

Suzan enters the dining room carrying a plate for each of the men heaping with steaming food and puts the plates down in front of each of them "So do you think there someone new?" Suzan ask in her quiet caring voice. "I don't know as I left i grabbed the mail on the way out the door. I found some number on the phone bill not sure who's it is ?

Larry pulls the bill out of his pocket and Susan ask to see it " uh Tom why is your number on her bill?"

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  1. Ha! I was on to that towards the middle of the story! Well done!