Saturday, May 8, 2010

The making of Art vs Commercial

n Cinema, I cannot create an Idea. It has to come to me. I plant seeds im my unconscious go to sleep, and the images emerge.

I don't have ideas. I wait for them to appear. It's a different approach. It's like a thirsty explorer in the desert imploring the heavens for a little rain.

At night, I plead for my unconscious to work so I can have the idea that I need the next day. And They come. What's the difference between what I do and what commercial artist do?

In order to guarantee their investments, commercial artist look for a market. "Let's make a film that satisfies the taste of this social sector, of this nation." Lets give them the product they want, So lets have some sneak previews and well make some changes according to the imbeciles opinions.

40, 50, 60 imbeciles can change the ending of a movie, because their vulgar taste must be satisfied. Commercial artist find an audience that already exists.

There is another attitude, The attitude of a true creator, who little by little creates his own audience. Through the years, he imposes his way and creates his audience. Patience, perseverance, poverty, That's what you need. Patience, perseverance, poverty, honesty, authenticity.

It's said that in film, opinions are like assholes - everybody has one. Everybody shits feces and ideas. You must ignore them. When you make a film, you don't have to listen to anybody's opinion. Not even that of the audience.

A filmmaker has to do what he feels no matter what. Even if people leave the theater. Even today there are always three of four people who walk out of my films. They can't take them.I don't care, I've done what i wanted to do.

Time will tell if what i did has value or not.

Alejandro Jodorowsky El Topo commentary

This is from the new dvd of El Topo and I believe in theses words as if from some holy script true art needs to know no boundries create what you feel not what you are told

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